social video clips from long-form sources

First released:

Take a long-form video and auto-identify highlights, clip and reframe for TikTok, Instagram Reels etc.

Version 1.0
Automation type Supervised
Availability Fiverr
Services GPT-4, Zapier, Imaginario AI
Pricing $5 per 3 clips
License None (uses non-public features)


A continuation of our work to explore the usage of ai agents to accept and process orders for simple digital services, this time a collaboration with Imaginario AI to use their social clipping feature to deliver quick and easy social clipping as a buy-once service instead of a subscription.

The customer service element of the automation is still mostly manual due to limitations with Fiverr’s platform. Another marketplace such as Upwork or Guru may provide a way to run the entire automation hands-free. File ingestion, processing and delivery is possible through a workflow connecting various services together.

As with our transcription workflow, human supervision is still be necessary due to the usage of GPT-4, which can still produce hallucinatory results despite strict guardrails.

We are experimenting with the delivery of burnt-in captions, or delivering the clipped video with an .srt file so customers may add subtitles themselves. Due to the video ai analysis used, this system works best with conversational content.

Release notes

  • 10/04/24 – version 0.9 released
  • 17/04/24 – version 1.0 released
    • Fixed Zapier formatting bug

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I will edit long form videos into social clips

This video clipping service is primarily powered by a series of automations, with human oversight. It will automatically provide clips of key moments in vertical (9:16) format.

Pricing from: $5 for 3 clips

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