artificial intelligence is about to take your staff

…and give them superpowers

artificial intelligence is changing productivity forever. it’s time to figure out how we can use the very best of ai to bring out the very best of human creativity.

we work with organisations to identify ai-powered efficiency gains and develop custom tools and workflows that combine the best of ai automation and human creativity.

our toolbox

we have years of experience with the largest content management systems, marketing platforms, creative suites, and continue to experiment with the leading generative and utility ai systems.

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Custom webhooks

Webhooks & custom integrations

what’s new in ai?

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our philosophy

We believe the future lies in specialised ai agents who can perform specific tasks repeatedly and reliably. large language models and generative ai are technical marvels, but when you use them daily you quickly run up against their limitations. they cannot complete complex workflows, and their output varies significantly even for simple tasks.

by combining narrowly-focused ai agents with the platforms you use every day, we can unlock massive productivity gains now, rather than waiting for large models to learn your specific use case.

using a combination of platforms and connectors we can do things that are impossible with standalone ai systems, like:

  • schedule repetitive manual processes to be run completely hands-free
  • check the accuracy of ai outputs and build guardrails against hallucinations
  • create single-purpose bots which can be summoned via email, Slack, Teams or any other communication platform

how we work

The big questions

ai creates new challenges, which make us ask new questions about how it should be used, how we should behave, and how it will transform how we work.

here, we do our best to answer.

can ai make editorial decision?

with the right prompt, could an LLM decide which news stories are the most important?
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Is Linkedin an early look at our future ai hellscape?

have you been on LinkedIn recently? It’s horrible.
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should you use ai to write your website content?

can you put your blog on autopilot with generative ai?
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latest tools

we know some tools need to be proprietary. but if they don’t, we’ll release them for the benefit of the community. here you’ll find our latest productivity aids, client work and personal projects, free to duplicate and use for anyone.

ai personalised daily news briefing

ai news team, assemble! get a daily digest of news from your favourite publications.
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social video clips from long-form sources

simple social clipping using a combination of conversational and transformational ai systems.
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ai video transcripts from any source

simple transcript generation using dialogue recognition from any english-language video source.
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ready to start exploring?

it all starts with a call with a real human. get in touch and tell us about the challenges you’re trying to solve.